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Homework Market Me – The court in all three cases annulled the decision of the commission” – informed PAP information department of the capital WSA.

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Homework Market Me – The court in all three cases annulled the decision of the commission” – informed PAP information department of the capital WSA.

We have a right to know whether the people support the 25 prominent law professors, or 25 subordinates Zbigniew Ziobro from the Ministry of Justice – added posłanka.- If it turns out that the signatures in support of candidates to the National Court belong to subordinates Zbigniew Ziobro, or to subordinates candidates would this is another embarrassment this procedure – assessed Gasiuk-Pihowicz.Pawłowicz: it’s an attempt to discredit the candidates, it is karalneDo information referred PiS MP Christine Pavlovich. – It is an attempt to discredit candidates NCR; it is a punishable offense – assessed. She stressed, however, that the annexes are not candidates ujawnieniu.Krystyna Pavlovich from the parliamentary justice committee, stressed in an interview zPolska Press Agency that “the Law on the National Court clearly says that the annexes to the candidates, the list of people who supported the candidacy, not subject to disclosure.” – So either we become a matter of law or not – noted MP. She added that the lists are verified by the Ministry of Justice and then – as said – according to deputies wystarczy.Jej PO and Modern “looking field of possibilities and discredit candidates.” – It is an attempt to ridicule and stigmatization judges who agreed to run for the National Court and is punishable – assessed Pavlovich. She added that the prosecutor’s office should be addressed. – adventurers, provocateurs and those who will do anything to prevent the appointment of new KRS – oświadczyła.Pawłowicz also emphasized that if the PO deputies Modern weapons and the rule of law, “is a sampling either to let the law.” – They’ll see that the annexes to the notification list are not subject to disclosure – she added. – There are, therefore, it is expected that those supporting the candidacy will be harassed by the aggressors left – zaznaczyła.Odnosząc to the law on the exercise of the mandate of deputy and senator, according to which Members of Modern PO and intend to ask for the intervention of the MS, PiS MP noted that the Act Amending the National Court excludes the possibility. – They wanted to know a lot, but it is not lawlessness. We operate within the law and if another law excludes disclosure of confidential information, it does not matter what will be referred to another law excludes – Pavlovich said. – Let simply abide by the law, rather than a compromise – dodała.Pełna list of candidates for KRSW Thursday Parliament Information Center reported a full list of 18 candidates for the National Court Register. They are: Dariusz Drajewicz, Jaroslaw Dudzicz, Gregory Furmankiewicz Marek Jaskulski, Joanna Wheeler-Michałowicz, Jędrzej Kondek, Teresa Kurcyusz-Furmanik Eve Łapińska Zbigniew Stanislaw shells, Leszek Mazur, Maciej Andrzej Mitera Maciej Nawacki, Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka, Robert Pelewicz Rafał Puchalski, Paul Casimir Styrna Mariusz Mariusz Witkowski and also Lewiński.Zobacz: We know the personal details of all candidates to the National Court. See where previously pracowaliZgodnie the amendment of the Act on KRS entities authorized to submit proposals for candidates for the National Court are a group of 25 judges and a group of at least two thousand people. Candidates were nominated from among the judges of the Supreme Court, common courts, administrative and wojskowych.zobacz also candidates to KRS: Personalia judges support yet undisclosed »CIS: publicity of the persons reporting to the National Court judges to consider the election of the judges» The deadline for submitting candidates for the members KRS It has passed the end of January; to the Diet it received 18 applications. As informed earlier PAP CIS director Andrzej Grzegrzółka, the list of supporters of a candidate (judges, citizens) is “annexed to the application which, in accordance with Art. 11c of the Act on the National Court are not made public” .Sejm has to choose the members KRS principle majority three-fifths of the votes, voting for the parliamentary committee established by the list of 15 candidates. If you can not choose a 3/5 majority, to vote on the same list, but the choice would be decided by an absolute majority of votes. In January, the National Judicial Council urged the judges not to agree to be a candidate in the election of new members of the National Court Register. According to the Council no judge should not participate in these elections in order to “remain faithful to the oath of judges. According to a survey by Ipsos for TVP, TVN and Polsat, published in the Sunday evening show that in the first round of presidential elections in the capital, with a score of 54.1 percent. Rafał Trzaskowski won. On Monday morning, Civic Platform deputy was asked on RMF FM, and will also Trzaskowski Civic Coalition candidate for president of the country. “Presidential elections in Poland are only in two years. Along the way, we have the European elections, parliamentary elections (…). Local elections have set the first step in this marathon election (…) On the other hand all the time, I believe that after winning parliamentary elections in 2019 years, Donald Tusk should take part in the presidential elections and win them. Tusk European position is so strong that Poland be useful in rebuilding our relationship in the world “- said Neumann.zobacz also TVP info: Tusk going to be the start-Schetyna. It ws notice. “Lower Silesia tapes truth” »MP also commented on rumors that he could replace Trzaskowski Schetyna as the leader of the Civic Platform. “Grzegorz Schetyna won these elections, including exposing Rafał Trzaskowski” – said Neumann added that it was Parliament Speaker will be suggested as a candidate for prime minister in connection with the vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Matthew Morawieckiego.Neumann he said that Civic Platform will include coalitions the post-election Polish Peasant Party. “12 years współrządzimy in assemblies, so it is obvious that we start building a coalition of the PSL and PSL from us (…) I can not imagine a coalition with the PiS, too many divides us. Where are the councils of cities, counties, local councils, rule such a possibility “- said Neumann. He added that the possibility of cooperation with the PiS sees a rather ad hoc basis for specific issues lokalnych.zobacz also Tusk: Some Polish government decisions mean that Poland is on the political periphery of the EU »deputy said on the air that” today, tomorrow at the latest “Grzegorz Schetyna met with Wladyslaw Kosiniakiem-KAMYSZ with PSL coalition will discuss topics. “We will try to build a majority of the PSL to defend the regional government, as it is far” – oświadczył.Neumann said the lack of a candidate for president of Gdansk KO in the second round is not lost. “Voters chose Platform Paweł Adamowicz (…). We will support him in the second round,” – he said. Cases of appeals against the decisions of the Administrative Court recognized in camera. “The court in all three cases annulled the decision of the commission” – informed PAP information department of the capital WSA. “Such a decision of the Court means that these cases are referred to the committee,” – said on Wednesday, in turn, representative of the City of PAP Warsaw in matters related to the decisions of the committee attorney verification. Bartosz Przeciechowski. WSA also awarded reimbursement procedures for applicants and heirs of the Capital City Warsaw. The Commission considered 14 November 2017 r., When issuing a decision that the authority of the President of Warsaw ws. Plots on pl. Defilad the former address: United 6 / Gold 19 7 Zielna / Gold 17 and United 2 / Chmielna abnormally 50 breach, administration. Previously, the commission investigated the case of these properties for 10 hours at a hearing October 5, 2017 r.zobacz also Patryk What: Next week, I will resign from the chair of Deputy Minister »As media have, on three plots of land in pl. Parade after World War II lawyer Witold Bayer has applied for the right to their building for a nominal amount. In 1946. UB lawyer detained for anti-communist activities, and he did not fulfill all the formalities, and after leaving the jail no longer continued efforts. In the https://www.homeworkmarket.me/ early 90s the heirs of owners of attractive properties, however, began efforts to recover them, citing the action lawyer before his arrest. In 2012-2013, the heirs granted the right of perpetual usufruct. What committee chairman Patrick said in 2017. That there are many indications that in the case of these properties we have to deal with the legitimate heirs, but – as marked the – not reassembled correctly dekretowego application. “Therefore, in the opinion of the committee has no basis in terms of the legality of state action to such requests (dekretowych) return, since that proposal ended its run in the 50s of the last century” – What then added. The Commission ruled the majority to discontinue the administrative procedure – which meant that the property unlawfully returned to the Treasury. “In our opinion, if the committee had doubts about the decision of the city, it should not discontinue the proceedings, or only give back to the city, or give yourself a substantive decision and not to discontinue the proceedings,” – he stressed the Attorney on Wednesday. Przeciechowski. He added that in this case the prosecutor’s office has not found any irregularities in the actions of officials of the town hall. Dates hear these cases were designated by the WSA even last year. Then, however, the commission filed requests for exclusion of a judge, they have not been included. This is another decision WSA rulings unfavorable to the verification committee. In May, the Provincial Administrative Court overturned the decision of the commission in September last year on real estate at ul. Smolna 32. Previously – in the beginning of April – Administrative Court overturned the decisions of the committee on real estate at ul. Otwocka Łomżyńska 10 and 44. In February, the PAC, in turn, recognized the other matters concerning the decision of the verification ws. Real estate located at ul. Łochowska Kazimierzowska 38 and 34. Then, however, dismisses the PAC those decisions made by the parties, including the capital city Warsaw. Tusk was asked Tuesday on TVN24 on an assessment of recent developments in Poland and whether Poland is still a democracy. “What worries me most is that the Polish position in the world might lose its importance, also because of the political turmoil with which we deal and the deteriorating reputation. and here forever – not just about this case – more responsibility for themselves lugging power, not the opposition. this authority is responsible for the position of the state where the boss. and the situation is very worrying “- stressed Tusk.Według it” is not the first time in history we are dealing with political uncertainty and political mess in our homeland, when should especially take care of the whole and the relative unity “.Tusk stressed that Poland, especially since the case with the Constitutional Court, “it became in a sense a European problem.” According to him, sharp disputes in the country are not something new. “I’m not worried about most is that this conflict has become so visible, because it is also not the first time that we have to deal with an acute political conflict in Poland, but that exceeded certain measures, certain proportions have been affected, and in addition, in recent months there is too much anti-European and anti-Western themes, which in my opinion is of strategic importance. Unfortunately, in the negative sense, “- he said. See also: Head of PSL escalation of emotions so many police to the Sejm – unnecessary “He pointed out that in a situation where Western countries aim themselves more on taking care of their interests, followed by” fatigue our part of Europe “and that” Europe is now clearly under threat of disintegration, I can not decay, but certainly sharp divisions “, which could mean trouble for our region and Polish. Meanwhile, – he added – “our security and ability to survive will depend on how we are rooted in Europe as a political community” The question is, whether it considers that the intention of the current Polish government is to lead the Polish EU, Tusk said he does not know. “There is no evidence or statements, or statements of politicians in power. But the consequences of their actions lead but every day, every month, to the erosion of trust between the Polish and the European Union” – he stressed. According to Tusk, the tension and excitement in Poland are more than ever in recent years. “And therefore we take care of every detail, every detail, should avoid any form of provocation. And it is first and foremost obligation of power. And this tension around the Polish makes us all think about it, to Polish politicians today, above all, the first, second and third, they thought about how to stabilize the situation in Poland and around the Polish, rather than inflame it, “- he stressed. “In this particular stalemate, everyone should try to do something positive, the first step should be to power”, – noted Tusk.zobacz also Magierowski of updates. Media work: It’s probably imprudence Marshal Kuchciński »When asked to assess the attempts of mediation undertaken by President Andrzej Duda, Tusk said he was not under the illusion that today ‘presidency objective, non-partisan is something that is still in power in Poland. ” “I would – without any special illusion – but he tried to persuade and the president and the authorities of the constitutional Republic, to ensure that defeated the emotions, able to swallow or something that can be regarded as a humiliation and to withdraw from this very hard position, especially when it comes about the course of events during the vote on the budget “- he said.” for a little more important seems to me, than the dispute over who is right, who crossed the border, the very simple fact that voted on in a very dubious that the most important law in the country. Since then, It depends on the legitimacy of hundreds, tens of thousands of decisions in the country “- noted b. premier.Według him,” the stubbornness somehow difficult to justify. ” “Because it would be good if it is the government showed that it is ready to go back. It is always the best cure for this type of political tension that we have today in Poland” – said the head of the European Council. Tusk was asked whether in his opinion, in Poland there is a dictatorship: “I would not use so hard epithets, I would be far from the use of this type of wording. It should have some intellectual and semantic supply for the future, because it is the beginning of the term of Law and Justice, not the end. But on the other hand I would not say that democracy in Poland is void. that is an exaggeration. in contrast, violated and are violated certain standards, which some Poles are very attached to the traditional libertarian form of democracy in which power having won a mandate, does not believe that this mandate is enough to do everything you want “- said the head of the Council of Europejskiej.Pytany possible to return to Polish politics Tusk said he does not plan this, but this does not exclude. “I still feel sometimes that guy from Gdansk, which, as you have to fight it is always the first.

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